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It’s official: The registrations will open on the 27th of February2022 at 12 noon!

Please come along with your friends or family and join us on Sunday the 17th of April 2022 in Faliro Bay Athens Greece.

Runners with a valid COVID-19 Vaccination or Recovery Certificate up to the day of the race are eligible to register & participate in the races on Sunday 17 April 2022.

Participation in the event with demonstration of a negative COVID-19 diagnostic test (PCR, Rapid, Self-test) is NOT possible under any circumstances.

The Health Protocol in the Covid-19 era will be updated and will be in force with what is new on the day of the races on 17-04-2022

Plan in advance and secure your place now!


1. Half Marathon, 21,1 km
2. Quarter (¼) Marathon, 10+ km
3. Road Race Novo Nordisk, 5 km
4. Power Walking Novo Nordisk, 5 km
5. Chiquita Athens Kid’s Run, 1 km
6. Charity Run, for the organization “ALMA”, 1 or 2 km

Maximum number of participants:

There will be a limit on the number of participants. So, make sure you register now to secure your place so you won't be missing out.


1. Painting Competition for kids 4-14 years old
2. ECO-Environment: Way of life
3. Voluntary Community 
4. Music by the sea side

Volunteer Program:

Come join us and live a unique experience by making a positive contribution.  Information – Registrations ‘here’

Under the auspices of: 

1. Paleo Faliro Municipality
2. Alimos Municipality
3. Region of Attica
4. Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT)
5. Hellenic Diabetes Association (EDE)
6. European Federation "Sport for All" (UESpT)
7. Greek Federation of People's Mass Sport – ultra distance (EOSLMA-Y)


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