poseidon athens half 10

We have already published the temporary results. The final results will follow on the 10th  of May.


Participation and Result Certificates will be out after the final results are out..

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poseidon lets run again 2 gr

«Let them run again», run on Sunday 23 Aapril 2017 in 8th Poseidon Athnes Half Marathon &  Other Races.

"Institule team World - Environmental Alliance 2004" and in collaboration with Poseidon Athens Half Marathoncollecting sneakers promothing for reuse.


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poseidon ees 17 1en

It is one of the three uniformed Volunteer Corps of Hellenic Red Cross, along with of Nursing and Volunteers of Social Welfare. It operates in 27 Regional Branches throughout Hellas and counts more than 4,650 active Volunteerson First Aids, Lifeguards, Rescuers, Rescue Dog Handlers, Volunteers Physicians, Volunteer Instructors and Special Partners.

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poseidon radioerasitexnes 17 1gr

 The Radio Amateur Society of Hellas (aka RASH) is an Non Profit Organization that cares for the dissemination of amateur radio, to promote the interests of a radio / tracking
service (APRS), experimenting and upgrading the technique of radio communications, installation of radio networks as an offering the community to natural disasters (earthquakes,
forest fires, floods, extreme weather events, etc.).

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poseidon odeio 17 1en

The National Conservatory of P.Faliro continues its long tradition offering a complete music education through modern pedagogical programs and experienced music teachers.
Our main aim is to transmit the love for music to our students. We can assure you that music will reward each student with positive elements to his/her personality and will elevate the soul. These traits will accompany him/her for the rest of their lives.

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poseidon painting competition 3 enHello, young runners!

The organizers of the Poseidon Half Marathon are inviting you to participate in "The New Panhellenic Painting and Drawing Competition".
Children between the ages of 4 and 14 can participate.

All the paintings and drawings will appear on the site of the Poseidon Half Marathon.

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poseidon volunteer 17 1en

Dear Volunteers,

Thanks to your participation, on Sunday, April 23, 2017,

Poseidon Athens half Marathon and other races & events, will be held for the 8th consecutive year

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poseidon xmas card 17 2 eng

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017


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Τα cookies επιτρέπουν μία σειρά από λειτουργίες που ενισχύουν την περιήγησή σας στην ιστοσελίδα www.poseidon-athenshalfmarathon.com/