How to move to & from the start - finish points, Marina Flisvos - Tram, bus, subway, taxi, car, train and plane

TRAM: Stay on the side of the sea and Marinas’ Flisvou. Turn right to the ‘Ioannou Fix’ heading to Athens and Averof Battleship.After 200m., on our right is the entrance of Sports and Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (POL.A.K former ETF). From "Trocadero" you can easily go to Voula with an intermediate stop in Glyfada, but also in the Neo Faliro (SEF) and the center of Athens (Syntagma Square).  (

BUSES: Bus Stop Oulen (is adjacent to the tram stop Trocadero) (
Stay on the side of the sea and Marinas’ Flisvou. Turn right to the ‘Ioannou Fix’ heading to Athens , Averof Battleship etc… After 200m., on your right is the entrance of Sports and Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (POL.A.K former ETF)
Located 10 minutes away from Marina Flisvos heading to the highway E75, there is also the Attica Bus Station (Bus Station Kifissos). (

METRO: The tram stop "Trocadero" can be used as a connection to the Metro station "Neos Kosmos" (
Also, the bus stop for the buses 550 and B2 can be used as a connection to the Metro station "Syngrou - Fix", just 5 minutes away from the Marina Flisvos.

TAXI: Companies: Ermis: 210 4115200 - Glyfada: 210 9605600 - Piraeus 1: 210 4182333 - Proodos: 210 3451200

CAR: Via E75 that leads to Poseidonos Avenue or through Sygrou Avenue which is connected with Poseidon Avenue, towards Glyfada.

RAIL: The Central Station of Athens is within 20 minutes by car (12 km.). It’s also accessible with the subway (metro station "Larissa Station") (

AIRPORT: Athens International Airport is within a 40-45 minute drive (35 km.) ( Bus line "X96" is 2 stops after stop "Oulen", witch is located outside of Marina Floisvos, heading towards Glyfada and provides direct access to International Airport. The stop is located on Av. Poseidonos, near the Cultural Centre "Flisvos" of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro. The tram stop "Trocadero" is connected to the metro, providing direct access to the airport.
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Athens Airport Bus - General Information

There are four different bus routes starting from Athens airport. All bus routes are available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.Departure point: You can catch the bus from the designated area at the arrivals level (between Exit 4 and Exit 5) Departure time: The buses leave every 30 to 60 minutes depending on the route. For the exact departure times of each route check the links at the left.You can read the descriptions below to find out which bus is the one you should use. By click on the links you will see the map of the route and the bus arrival and departure timetables

Route X95: Syntagma - Athens Airport

Bus X95 takes you directly to Athens city center (Syntagma square)strong>.Many ancient monument are in a walking distance from there: the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Acropolis museum, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Market and much more.Syntagma square is also the best place to get the vibe of Athens. From syntagma square you can walk to Plaka, Theisio, Monastiraki. All those areas offer pleanty of great view to Acropolis and other monuments, pleanty of eatting opptions, pleanty of shopping options and at a great vibe of the busy cuty of Athens. Also, from Syntagma square you can catch a taxi to anywhere in Athens with quite low.
Hotels near Syntagma square (Athens downtown): Athens Plaza, Electra Hotel, Amalia hotel, Hermes Hotel, Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens Cypria, Esperia Palace, Athens Center Square, Cecil Hotel, Plaka Hotel, Athens Way, Titania Hotel

Route X96: Piraeus - Athens Airport View Timetable
This is the bus to use is you plan to take a ferry from Piraeus to the greek islands (Santorin, Mykonos, Paros, Kos, Crete, Rhodes etc.). It takes about 90 min from Athens airport to Piraeus depending on the traffic. However its a nice route if you have the time.

Route X93: Kifisou avenue - Athens Airport View Timetable
Connects Athens airport with Athens intercity bus station. The trip takes about 65 min. This bus route is the only way to reach the intercity bus station besides taxi. It departs every 40 minutes. Be careful not to confuse the name of this bus with that of bus X92.

Route X97: Elliniko - Athens Airport View Timetable
This route connects Athens Airport with Elliniko metro station. See map, blue line. It departs every 40 to 60 minutes.

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Athens Public Transportation Map

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