01. What is the date of the Poseidon Athens half Marathon Race?

The 10th Poseidon Ηalf Marathon race, the Parallel Races and Events will take place in Athens on April 21th, 2019.

 02. Who can participate in the race?

Athletes and exercisers, Greek or any other nationality. 
You can participate individually or as a team with your club, group, family or friends.

 03. How do I enter?

Registration is available online. 
Complete the registration form for the race you want and pay the entry fee for the race.

 04. How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard).

 05. Where do I pick up my race number?

Race numbers will be available for collection on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th April 2018. We will not send Race Numbers via mail.

  06. What is the start time of the race?

All races will start and finish in and/or out the Cultural and Sports Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (SCMPF), in Flisvos Marina.

On Sunday the 21th of April 2019.

1) Time: 8.30 am  - Half Marathon, Relay Race and (1/4) Marathon are going to all start together inside the Cultural and Sports Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (SCMPF)and also finish inside there (inside SCMPF)..

The relay runners are going to pass the baton halfway in Flisvos Marina, where there is a time tracking station.

2) Time: 11.00 am - Athens Fun Run, Coastal Zone and Power Walking

Common start outside the Cultural and Sports Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (SCMPF) and finish inside there (inside SCMPF)

3) Time: 12.00 am - Chiquita Athens Kid Run & Charity Run of Alma Foundation

Common start outside the Cultural and Sports Centre of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro (SCMPF) and finish inside there (inside SCMPF).

  07. Where is the finish line of the race?

The finish line, for all the races, is in the arena inside the Sports and Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Palaio Faliro.(inside SCMPF)

08. What is the timing chip?

Runners who will choose timing chip, will be given a chip.
Checkpoints will be at start, in various points of the race and at the finish line.
Runners who will not go through all the checkpoints won’t take their results.

  09. Where can I store my items?

There is a storage space in the sports center.
We will give you your items after you finish the race (by showing your race number).

  10. Are there any refreshment points?

Along the route there will be refreshment points with water, bananas, isotonic etc.
You can see what we offer for each race in the menu Games>Description>Supply stations.

11. Where can I find photos from the race?

Individual photos or galleries you can see at the page http://www.poseidon-athenshalfmarathon.com/.
On the same page we will gather the photos of other photographers.

12. How can someone with special needs participate in the race?

People with special needs can register through the association they belong to, in order to be accompanied and receive their support.
In any case, please contact our Organization.

13. Can children run with their parents?

Οι The parent or legal guardian is responsible for deciding whether to run along with the child.
In any case, children under 7 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

14. I am looking for accommodation. Could you suggest me something?

If you are interested to stay close to the starting point of the Half Marathon race and be accommodated in a hospitable property which ideally combines both relaxation and tranquility/rest with view to the Saronic gulf but also the provision of impeccable  services you can choose Coral Hotel, the one and only 4 star hotel on the coastal side of Paleo Faliro and within a short walking distance from the marina of Flisvos
Please identify yourself as a participant in the Poseidon Half Marathon to receive special rates. 
Full address is 35 Possidonos Avenue, Paleo Faliro, Athens Tel
 +30 210 9816441 - Fax: +30 210 9831207 - E-mail: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 

15. Will there be pacemakers?

 Yes. They will run with specific pace: 4:30/km – 5:00/km – 5:30/km – 6:00/km

16. Can I wear headphones as I run?

You can wear headphones. Please keep the volume down so you can hear the runners, the volunteers and the staff for any instructions.

17. Can I run with a perambulator or with my pet?

No, unfortunately you cannot participate in the races with a perambulator nor with your pet, because your child, your pet and the other runners may be in danger.

18. Can someone else pick up my participation pack?

Yes. In order to do that he/she must submit to the Secretariat 
a) a copy of your registration confirmation email 
b) an authorization to the person who will receive your participation pack and 
c) the receiver must have his identity card or his driver’s license with him.

19. Where can I park the day of the race?

We recommend using public transportation over driving. See more information: Information > Transportation. There you can see the parking spaces.

20. Can we bring our friends or our family?

Of course! ‘You have to!’ We are waiting all of you!
W e a r e a l l W i n n e r s !

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